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Science Lab technician (Chemist)

BSU Science Technician and Assistant Job Description MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The preparation of materials and equipment for science lessons. Maintaining science laboratories and preparation rooms and their equipment, and services in good order. General duties in support of the teachers in the Science Department. Supporting students in class when requested by the teacher. The precise duties would be determined by the Head Teacher consistent with the main areas of Responsibility set out above. Some examples of the kind of duties which may be required are set out below. A) Preparation of science materials and equipment. For example: Carry out risk assessments for technical activities Disposing of waste materials Collecting apparatus and chemicals from storage; Preparing necessary solutions; Checking individual components in and out for class use; Arranging for apparatus including worksheets, books and audio-visual aids to be available, in rooms, for lessons; Preparing experiments, setting up apparatus and equipment for demonstrations and practical lessons as requested by teaching staff; Preparation of chemicals and solutions Liasing with staff over use of equipment and stock; Advice staff of any problems, including safety aspects; Assisting with collection and cataloguing of sundry worksheets, books, audio-visual aids and materials; Returning apparatus, etc. and chemicals to storage as soon as practicable; Repairing damages or arranging for this to be done; Constructing apparatus and equipment. Purchase of sundries from local supermarkets B) Routing maintenance of science laboratories and preparation rooms, their equipment and services: Maintaining laboratory clean and tidy in conjunction with the teacher in charge of the room; Cleaning the sinks, chemicals on bench tops, spillage’s of chemicals on floor; Storing materials tidily; Keeping equipment clean; Looking after animals, insects and plants kept by the department; Cleaning of goggles Cleaning of safety screens, fume cupboards and other items. Carrying out safety checks on equipment, e.g. Bunsen tubing etc C) Maintaining the stocks of science chemicals and equipment, for example: Taking stock of chemicals, consumables, stationery, books and breakable items; Advise Senior Technician/Head of Subject on stock replacement needs; Ordering of the above Checking deliveries D) Supporting students as requested within the classroom: This can include: Working with different ability groups including support for less able and extension tasks for more able. Demonstrating equipment to small groups of students/class Monitoring a practical activity that requires supervision Additional Qualifications 1st Aid at work certificate or ability to undertake the course (organized by the school)  

Хүний нөөцийн менежер

Гүйцэтгэх үндсэн үүрэг Хүний нөөцтэй холбоотой бодлого, дүрэм, журам, ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтуудыг мэргэжлийн түвшинд боловсруулах Хүний нөөцийг шилж сонгох, бүрдүүлэх, үр дүнтэй ашиглах Сургалтын үйл ажиллагааг зохион байгуулахад оролцох, зохицуулах, хүний нөөцийн мэдээллийн системийг байнга шинэчилж, өөрчлөлтийг хийх Хүний нөөцтэй холбоотой судалгаа, тайлан бэлтгэх, ажилтнуудын хувийн хэрэг бүрдэлтийг хийх, ажил үүргийн хуваарь боловсруулахад туслалцаа үзүүлэх зэрэг хүний нөөцтэй холбоотой өдөр тутмын ажлыг тогтмолжуулах АБТ-д заасан бусад чиг үүрэг

Харилцаа холбоо хариуцсан ажилтан

Receptionist (with Reprographics Support) Managed by: Registrar and Communications Manager The Reception Desk is the first point of contact with parents and visitors, and as such as a vital element of the School.  The post holder is required to represent the School, provide a professional and friendly greeting and support to colleagues, parents, guests and students. Working together, the reception team help students during arrival and departure from school, manage communications to parents both face to face, by telephone and virtually, and support colleagues as a central hub of information.  Such tasks are shared between the Senior Receptionist and receptionist as required and according to workload.    The post holder is required to have high standards of spoken and written English and Mongolian and be a supportive team-player with all members of the administration and academic teams.  In addition, the post holder will also be responsible for providing reprographics support to all colleagues as necessary.    The post holder is expected and required to adhere to the following requirements. Reception requirements Meet and greet parents, guests, colleagues and students. Ensure all guests and staff sign in and out of school (providing and recording visitor badges on arrival/sign out). Ensure parents are fully supervised at all times when in school. Take telephone calls and pass information to the appropriate people. Resolve or pass on questions and/or complaints to the Registrar and Communications Officer. Arrange meetings between staff and parents when required. Check, forward, and answer emails to the general school email account. Contact parents who have not collected their child at the end of the school day. Keep a log of names of students who have been collected late and share with the relevant members of the Extended Leadership Team (ELT). Keep a log of all phone calls made by students.  Produce and circulate notices to students as required by the Academic Team. Prepare refreshments for guests and visitors. Ensure the Reception areas is kept attractive, tidy and welcoming.  Support the Senior Receptionist and deputise in his/her absence. Assist with all aspects of attendance and admissions as requested. When required, work with the Registrar and the Academic Team to prepare admissions packages, applications, make copies, create student files and call parents to arrange appointments for interviews, tests and registration. Reprographics support Assist the Academic team with efficient copying and printing of educational materials on a day-to-day basis according to the school reprographics policy. In addition to copying, provide laminating and binding services as required.  Develop technical competence with the reprographics equipment in order to independently resolve minor issues such as re-filling with paper, replacing toner cartridges and clearing paper jams. Regularly update the  IT Technical Support team on required maintenance and repairs of the reprographics equipment.  Keep departmental accounts of usage of the reprographics support and periodically report to the Senior Leadership Team. Maintain and manage all associated stock and compile orders when necessary . Comply with the legal requirements of copyright licensing procedures. General Administration Translate official documents and correspondence as requested.  Process incoming and outgoing documents. Answer external and internal communication promptly. Provide typing and documentation generation when necessary. Process outgoing and incoming mail. Assist with printing and distribution of academic reports to parents. Ensure all confidential documentation is kept in secure locations as per school policy. Provide support to the daily operation of the school. Deputise for absent colleagues as required.   Safeguarding and Supporting the Wellbeing of Students To provide a safe and secure environment in which children can develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally, and specifically: having awareness and compliance with the School’s Child Protection Policies; attending and applying Safeguarding training and practice; supporting effective monitoring and supervision of students around the School at all times, regardless of task or duty; supporting the School’s PSHE programme; maintaining positive and constructive relationships with parents; supporting and following the School’s Human Resources and Recruitment procedures; awareness and compliance with the School’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and protocols. To be vigilant for situations or evidence of a child being hurt or harmed by another person in a way that may impact the child’s health, development or well-being. To pass on any suspicions of a child being hurt or harmed by another person or details of disclosure(s) to designated colleagues in accordance with the School’s Child Protection Policy. General School Expectations: Promote English as the language of communication throughout the School. Set a good example at all times by adopting a professional appearance. Promote the school at all times both in school and in the community. Take on additional responsibilities and duties as reasonably required by the Head Master.

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